Sports Massage

Sports are a great way to get the body moving.  Improving in them is a great way to keep the mind agile.  Through appropriate diet, strength training, recovery techniques, flexibility, fluid replacement, along with sufficient rest, effective bodywork combined with efficient training can be the answer that enables an athlete to achieve new levels of success and personal achievement.

This technique is focused on releasing tightly contracted and overworked muscles used in any activity, helping to restore them to their optimum condition.  Many techniques and modalities are often blended here, and usually involves focused stretching in some capacity.

A growing number of athletes on all levels are utilizing sports related bodywork, making it an integral part of their sports training and competing regime.


  • Improves circulation:  Assists in supplying essential nutrients to blood and oxygen to tissues and lymph circulation, enhancing the elimination of accumulating toxins and waste byproducts, such as lactic acid.  Improved circulation can also reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure.
  • Increase Flexibility:  Assists in releasing hyper-sensitive trigger points, breaking up muscular adhesions, realigning muscles fibers to form healthy scar tissue.  Optimum flexibility allows an athlete to use their muscles in the fullest potential.
  • Decrease Recovery Time:  Allows the athlete to maintain intensity from day to day and faster post-event recovery so you can resume your training intensity.
  • Prevent Injuries:  Allow the athlete to keep training and to complete uninterrupted by releasing chronically tight and contracted muscles.  Help to prevent muscle strains, pulls, and tears.

Types of Sports Massage

  • Pre-Event:  10 to 15 minutes session performed as close as 30 to 40 minutes before an event.  The focus is to increae circulation, range of motion, and muscle flexibility.  The goal is to have the athlete’s body and mind “ready” for a quicker, safer and more efficient start.
  • Inter-Competition:  Given during breaks in events that concentrates on the muscles being used or about to used.  The purpose is to invigorate fatigued muscles and increase flexibility, if needed.
  • Post-Event:  Helps to reduced and even eliminate next day stiffness and soreness.  Enhances and speeds up the body’s normal recovery time.
  • Maintenance:  60 to 90 minute session during training and competing season, focusing on maintaining, repariring fatigued and injured muscle tissues used in an sports or activity.  It allows an athlete to maintain his/her ability to train and compete at optimum levels and aids in preventing injuries.
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