Reposturing Dynamics

Reposturing Dynamics was created by Aaron Parnell, over the course of ten years, after working as a member of the official United States Massage Therapy Team of the 1984 Olympics.  Understand physiology and Swedish massage, he developed a technique that he found was getting tremendous results.  Many of his clients had better performances in their given sports, and others, found relief in chronic pain they had been experiencing. 

What is Reposturing Dynamics?

A deep, structural technique to bring the body back to it’s natural alignment through a combination of intense stretching and massage, while working with the breath.  Restoring the body’s natural alignment pattern helps to relieve pain and tension and increase flexibility. The overall concept of Reposturing Dynamics can be  a lot of information to digest at one time, but it can be simplified to a few bullet points:

  • Muscles relax when they are stretched
  • Muscles relax when they are massaged

Through these we can say that relaxed muscles reduce physical tension and are more flexible.  Flexible muscles allow for a greater range of motion; are less likely to be injured and recover faster from injury.

  • Agonist/Antagonist relationships in muscles allows that tension is often felt in the opposing muscle group. 

Pain in the back is often associated with tight or loaded muscles in the front; pain on top is often associated with tight or loaded muscles on the bottom; and pain on the inside (medial) half of the body is often associated with tight or loaded muscles on the outside (lateral) half of the body. 

 Through a series of intense stretches and massage, the hope is that unloading these tight muscle groups help to relax the opposing muscle group, further assisting in proper alignment. 

When our body comes back into balance and the way our body aligns naturally is restored, our body will find itself in less pain. In addition we can find more energy, flexibility and well-being.