Using The Foam Roller

The foam roller has often been called “the poor man’s massage.” It can help relieve tightened muscles and trigger points. While it was once an obscure tool used only by physical therapists and professional athletes to assist in performance, rehabilitation and breaking up scar tissue, it’s usefulness, effectiveness and relative low expense has made it something of a trendsetter.

Whether you call it “self-massage” or “self-myofascial release technique” or any of the many names associated, the foam roller is just another tool to add to your wellness artillery. Other thing you might want to consider in the process of myofascial release technique” would be to consider using a tennis ball, a lacrosse ball or even a TheraCane.

I stretch. A lot. Why am I still knotted up?

Why should I use a foam roller?

While I still recommend a deep tissue massage, sports massage or a posture related massage, the myofascial tissue can still get “knotted up” and/or scarred. I’ve read it described as a bungee cord with a knot tied in it. You can stretch it, but the knot remains. In some instances, the knot becomes tighter. In other instances, the muscle can be fatigued, from being forced to stretch too long or chronically, and a spasm might occur, which again, calls for releasing the tissue and saving its form itself.

It hurts and just feels like I’m putting pressure on my tender spots

People mistakenly believe that strong muscles should feel tight, and taut to the touch. Remember when you were a young man/woman and you made a muscle? “It’s so hard, you must be really strong.” But, the truth is, the muscles should be soft and supple. Strong enough and ready enough to take action, but relaxed enough not have your body on heightened alert (flight or fight response vs. parasympathetic response).

Deep compression helps to break up or relax tight muscles and adhesions formed between muscle layers and their surroundings. Imagine you are tenderizing your own muscles. If our muscles are not taken care of properly we can experience loss of flexibility, adhesions, and painful movement. (Posture related issues) The compression allows normal blood flow to return and restoration of healthy tissue.

How Do I use the foam roller?

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